Learning SCALA Language

Few days back i was reading the interview of James Gosling ( Co-creator of Java) where i saw this statement by James Gosling

I like Scala, but my big problem is that the type theory has gotten really complicated. The language lawyers are driving the bus. It’s turning into something that journeyman developers and even people like me�I started getting into the Scala stuff and my head starts to spin and I go, “what?”

Reading this statement drives my interest on SCALA language. I open the Google.com and started searching the details on this. Long back i have had heard about this language that  its a language which integrates the features of Object Oriented programming language like Java and functional programming language like Charity, Clean and Haskell. At that moment i was busy learning Java and i was pretty much involved in the JAVA language that i can’t think of learning other language. After working in java for more than 5 years and i’m thinking to get involved in the other langauge.

Another interesting features of this langauge are –

  • Concise and type safe syntax which reduces the code by 50-70 percent compared with Java code.
  • You can use the existing Java libraries in Scala program so that your Java skill and tactics can be reused.
  • SCALA compiler generates the byte code which is comparably as good as JAVA byte code.
  • It inter-operates with .NET and JAVA

Please keep visiting my blog. I will be writing more on the SCALA language.

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