How to Install Scala on Linux (Ubuntu)?

To install Scala on Linux you need to get scala on your Linux machine. You can get Scala by below two methods :

1) Default Scala version available on your Linux box by typing below command

sudo apt-get install scala

2) If you want to get the latest version of the scala below are the steps

a) Download latest IzPack Installer for linux as shown below


b) For installing the downloaded package we need to decide the location of installation. I have selected /opt/scala. If you decide to select same location please make sure you have created /opt/scala. You can use below command to create directory.

sudo mkdir /opt/scala

c) Start installation by typing below command

sudo java -jar

d) You will get some welcome message and you will be asked to enter 1 to continue. You can enter 1 for installation.

e) In next step you will be asked to accept license. You can accept license by entering 1.

f) Next step will be selecting target directory for installation. Enter below path for installation.


g) Next press 1 to continue

h) You will get below message on the shell.

Console Installation Completed

i) Set Scala installation path as below


Congratulation!!! You have successfully installed Scala on your Linux. To check the scala you can type below command

scala -version

You will get below message

Scala code runner version -- Copyright 2002-2011, LAMP/EPFL