Scala Specs now Superseded by Scala Specs2

The Owner of SPECS project commented on my previous post Development Tools available for Scala Language saying that new version of Specs2 is available. Let me briefly drive you in this.

SPECS is the Behavior Driven Design Framework which works as an alternative for Junit when specifying or testing Scala projects. Now the SPEC project is superseded with by SPECS 2.

The features of Spec2 are –

  • Forms for writing Fitnesse-like specifications (with Markdown markup)
  • Html reporting to create documentation for acceptance tests, to create a User Guide,…
  • Integration with sbt and JUnit tools (maven, IDEs,…)
  • Concurrent execution of examples by default
  • ScalaCheck properties
  • Mocks with Mockito
  • Data tables
  • AutoExamples, where the source code is extracted to describe the example
  • A rich library of matchers
  • Easy to create and compose
  • Usable with must and should
  • Returning “functional” results or throwing exceptions
  • Reusable outside of specs2 (in JUnit tests for example)

Spec2 Website :

Download Spec2: