SFTP Java Examples

SFTP Java Examples
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Here I have listed Java SFTP examples and JSch that will show you important SFTP operations in java. Before jumping into code examples of java SDTP we will see what is SFTP.

SFTP (SSH File Transferred Protocol)

SFTP is the replacement of the FTP for securely transferring the data using the Secure Shell Protocol. SFTP encodes the data while transferring it on the network. It encrypts both commands and data providing effective protection against common network security risks. It encrypts the session, preventing the casual detection of your user name, password or anything you’ve transmitted. It is not the same as FTPS; the latter implements the original FTP protocol through a separately-created secure tunnel. For more details on different file transfer protocols read my post here.


Java SFTP Examples

Hope these java SFTP examples helps you in your SFTP operations. I will keep on updating this content from time to time. If you like my post, please subscribe monthly newsletter below.